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Writer's Block: Cinqo de Mayo

Do you celebrate your country's independence? If so, how?

LJ appears to be just as ignorant as many others. Cinco de Mayo is NOT Independence Day. That would be el Diez y Seis de Septiembre, ignorantes!

Bah humbug

I thought I'd mention that I'm reading LJ for the first time in at least 2 if not 3 weeks. It's had me pissed off because a lot of what I read is feeds and their feed puller has been in the toilet for over a month and has had me pissed. So don't be surprised to see comments from me for things you don't remember writing anymore. ;D


50 random things

Blame tlblase:

1. What time did you get up this morning?
I levered myself off the couch at 7:30.

2. How do you like your steak?
Medium-well to well done. Too many pictures of stuff I learned in Microbiology etc. dance before my eyes when I see pink meat. :-p

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
"Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs" Good movie! Made me hungry. lol And had me thinking "I can haz cheezburger?!" :D :D :D

4. What is your favorite TV show?
Good grief. I am a t.v. addict, so I don't think I could choose just one. I do watch a lot of supernatural or scifi-type shows, but I HATE reality shows. The only ones I watch are The Biggest Loser and Amazing Race.

5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
I like where I live now. Plenty of places I'd like to visit.

The rest here.Collapse )


Inhumane health care for American Natives

PROMISES, PROMISES: Indian health care's victims

BY MARY CLARE JALONICK, Associated Press Writer
Mon Jun 15, 8:56 am ET

CROW AGENCY, Mont. – Ta'Shon Rain Little Light, a happy little girl who loved to dance and dress up in traditional American Indian clothes, had stopped eating and walking. She complained constantly to her mother that her stomach hurt.

When Stephanie Little Light took her daughter to the Indian Health Service clinic in this wind-swept and remote corner of Montana, they told her the 5-year-old was depressed.

Ta'Shon's pain rapidly worsened and she visited the clinic about 10 more times over several months before her lung collapsed and she was airlifted to a children's hospital in Denver. There she was diagnosed with terminal cancer, confirming the suspicions of family members.

A few weeks later, a charity sent the whole family to Disney World so Ta'Shon could see Cinderella's Castle, her biggest dream. She never got to see the castle, though. She died in her hotel bed soon after the family arrived in Florida.

"Maybe it would have been treatable," says her great-aunt, Ada White, as she stoically recounts the last few months of Ta'Shon's short life. Stephanie Little Light cries as she recalls how she once forced her daughter to walk when she was in pain because the doctors told her it was all in the little girl's head.

Ta'Shon's story is not unique in the Indian Health Service system, which serves almost 2 million American Indians in 35 states.

On some reservations, the oft-quoted refrain is "don't get sick after June," when the federal dollars run out. It's a sick joke, and a sad one, because it's sometimes true, especially on the poorest reservations where residents cannot afford health insurance. Officials say they have about half of what they need to operate, and patients know they must be dying or about to lose a limb to get serious care.

Read the rest here.Collapse )

Iran, China, Economy, Health Care, et al!

Yeah, the U.S. doesn't actually want a moderate in Iran because then how can there be justification for interfering in another country if there isn't some scary guy running the show?

Why the White House Views Iran's Election as a Diplomatic Coup


On its way to Banana Republic-hood:
China's US bond holdings drop first time in 11 months in April

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Mainland China's holdings of US Treasury bonds fell for the first time in 11 months to 763.5 billion dollars in April, US government data showed Monday.

The April figure, a drop from March's 767.9 billion dollars, was the lowest since the holdings started building up in June 2008, the US Treasury said in its monthly international capital data report.

The figures do not include the holdings of Hong Kong, China's special administration region, which climbed to 80.9 billion dollars in April from 78.9 billion dollars the previous month.

But the latest statistics showed China sitting comfortably as the top holder of Treasury bonds despite years of trying to diversify its reserves away from the US dollar.

Japan is the second-largest holder of US bonds, at 685.9 billion dollars in April.


Yes, but what about the real people in charge?
Yoo, Bush Administration Lawyer, Must Face Torture Lawsuit


Speaking of crazy Bush supporters:
American arrives in Germany with mini arsenal

Neighborhood Watch

This would never work in the U.S. in a million years! :D I wish it would, though.

Tokyo residents fight burglars with flower power

TOKYO (Reuters) - A Tokyo district plagued with burglaries has turned to planting flowers to beautify its streets and help stamp out crime.

"'Operation Flower' began about three years ago. By planting flowers facing the street, more people will be keeping an eye out while taking care of the flowers or watering them," said Kiyotaka Ohyagi, a Suginami City official.

"The best way to prevent crime is to have more people on the lookout."

Suginami, with a population of 528,800, saw a record 1,710 break-ins in 2002.

When a neighborhood watch group found that there were fewer burglaries in buildings on flower-lined streets, Suginami decided to kick off Operation Flower and asked volunteers to plant seeds on side streets and in front of their homes.

The flowers are part of a wider crime prevention campaign. The district also has 9,600 volunteer patrollers and 200 security cameras set up in areas where there are frequent break-ins. It also emails crime information daily to residents.

Suginami says its efforts have paid off, with the number of burglaries falling to 390 in 2008, down almost 80 percent from 2002.

"Our residents are very conscientious about preventing crime, and they are very active," Ohyagi said.

(Reporting by Yoko Kubota; Editing by Chris Gallagher)
65 Questions You've Probably Never Been Asked

you know the rules. tag people in this note (including the person who tagged you!) to learn more about people. Also, try to tag people who you've tagged in other notes, sometimes you learn things in new notes that you didn't know before about them.......

1. First thing you wash in the shower? face

2. What color is your favorite hoodie? I rarely wear a hoodie, but I really like a bright red one I got in Canada that has "Canada" and a white maple leaf embroidered on it.

3. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again? Yes. He's kinda my husband.

4. Do you plan outfits? Not really. Around here the most planning I do concerns how hot/humid it'll be.

5. How are you feeling RIGHT now? Bored. I'm doing this meme, aren't I?

6. Whats the closest thing to you that's red? The handles on a pair of scissors.

7. Tell me about the last dream you remember having? I rarely remember dreams, so I can't think of any off the top of my head.

8. Did you meet anybody new today? No.

9. What are you craving right now? A Baskin-Robbins milk shake.

10. Do you floss? Yes. My teeth are too screwed up to not to.

11. What comes to mind when I say cabbage? Er...

12. Are you emotional? Sometimes, but I try not to show it.

13. Have you ever counted to 1,000? Probably, but I'm not 7 anymore so...

14. Do you bite into your ice cream or just lick it? Once it warms a little, yes.

15. Do you like your hair? Now I do. :D Up until I was in college I did so many horrible things to it because I didn't like that it was straight as a pin. Now I live with it. :)

16. Do you like yourself? Yes.

17. Would you go out to eat with George W. Bush? Only if he left the SS and personal chefs behind.

18. What are you listening to right now? The whir of my ceiling fan.

19. Are your parents strict? Yes. Which is why I haven't spoken to her in nearly 6 years.

20. Would you go sky diving? Nope. Only if the plane was falling out of the sky.

21. Do you like cottage cheese? Not particularly. I tolerate small curd cottage cheese. It's a texture thing.

22. Have you ever met a celebrity? Yes. The most recent was Jeff Corwin from Animal Planet fame.

23. Do you rent movies often? Rent? Yes. I've had a Netflix membership for, I think, 3+ yrs.

24. Is there anything sparkly in the room you're in? No. Just a whole lot of random.

25. How many countries have you visited? Two whole countries and they shouldn't count since they were obligations.

26. Have you made a prank phone call? Before the days of Caller ID and *69, yes.

27. Ever been on a train? Yes! I loved taking the train to Canada! So much room, so little stress!

28. Brown or white eggs? Either. I don't care.

29.Do you have a cell-phone? Yes.

30. Do you use chap stick? Nope.

31. Do you own a gun? No.

32. Can you use chop sticks? No.

33. Who are you going to be with tonight? Mostly me. Late at night the husband will return from work.

34. Are you too forgiving? Not really. I'm a pretty judgemental person. I try to curb that, though.

35. Ever been in love? Yes.

36. What is your best friend(s) doing tomorrow? One is going to spend the day with me and the other I'm not sure what she's doing. I should call her like I said I would...

37. Ever have cream puffs? If those are what I'm thinking of, yes.

38. Last time you cried? Er. I don't remember. I'm not much of a crier.

39. What was the last question you asked? "Are you having trouble loading VM too?"

40. Favorite time of the year? Spring, I suppose.

41. Do you have any tattoos? No.

42. Are you sarcastic? Incredibly.

43. Have you ever seen The Butterfly Effect? Part of it. I still need to get around to it from my Netflix queue.

44. Ever walked into a wall? Not that I can remember...

45. Favorite color? Cobalt/indigo. That blue-purple color.

46. Have you ever slapped someone? Yes. She tried to slap me back. Twice.

47. Is your hair curly? No.

48. What was the last CD you bought? Yikes. It's been years since I bought a CD. I couldn't say.

49. Do looks matter? It shouldn't, but it does.

50. Could you ever forgive a cheater? No.

51. Is your phone bill sky high? No. Cheap calling cards to call Canada and free national coverage to call the best friend. I don't have anyone else to call, sadly.

52. Do you like your life right now? It's hella better than it was a year ago, that's for sure. Actually, now that I think of it, that was around one of the times I remember doing some crying, so that answers that earlier question.

53. Do you sleep with the TV on? Never. No TVs allowed in the bedroom. I need silence and darkness to get sleep.

54. Can you handle the truth? I try to always give it, so I always expect it.

55. Do you have good vision? Average. I'm ever so slightly near-sighted.

56. Do you hate or dislike more than 3 people? Yes. I'm thinking of those people from a year ago.

57. How often do you talk on the phone? Rarely. I talk to Shane most of the time if I do and that's usually along the vein of "what time were you getting off work again?" So. Call me people!

58. The last person you held hands with? Shane. I don't hold hands with anyone else.

59. What are you wearing? Khakis and a bright orange, embroidered blouse.

60.What is your favorite animal? There's so many I like. I did consider being a vet tech... I now work with primates, so I guess those are my favorite at the moment. :)

61. Where was your default picture taken at? It was taken in the living room of our old apartment. I'd recently gotten a Bunsen doll to go with my Beaker doll someone else had gotten and Shane thought I should don my work labcoat and take a fun pic. :)

62. Can you hula hoop? No.

63. Do you have a job? Yes.

64. What was the most recent thing you bought? Uh. I don't usually buy things. I did pay for dinner last night, so I guess you can say I bought dinner.

65. Have you ever crawled through a window? lol Yes. There have been times I've forgotten my key or reflexively set the door to lock even though I was just going out to get mail. So yeah. Rather difficult for me, too, between being short and round and having very high windows. :D


ACLU says school censored student's Milk report

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The American Civil Liberties Union on Wednesday threatened to sue a San Diego County school that refused to let a student present a report on slain gay rights leader Harvey Milk until her classmates got their parents' permission to hear it.

David Blair-Loy, legal director of the ACLU of San Diego County, said the principal of Mt. Woodson Elementary School in Ramona violated the free speech rights of 6th-grader Natalie Jones, who was the only student in her class prevented from giving an in-class presentation.

Principal Theresa Grace concluded last month that the subject of the girl's project triggered a district policy requiring parents to be notified in writing before their children are exposed to lessons dealing with sex, according to Blair-Loy and Natalie's mother.

After the principal sent letters to alert parents about the "sensitive topic," Natalie was allowed to give her 12-page PowerPoint report during the May 8 lunch recess, but not in class, Blair-Loy said. Eight of the 13 students in her class attended, he said.

In a letter to the Ramona Unified District on Wednesday, the ACLU demanded that school officials apologize to Natalie and clarify its sex education policy. It also wants the girl to be given the chance to present her biographical account of Milk's life and death in class.

"It's not about sex, it's not about sex education. It's a presentation about a historical figure who happened to be gay," Blair-Loy said.

The school district superintendent did not immediately respond to a telephone call and e-mail from The Associated Press.

Milk became one of the first gay men elected to political office in the United States in 1977 when he won a seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. He was assassinated a year later along with Mayor George Moscone. Former supervisor Dan White was convicted of voluntary manslaughter for the killings.

A bill passed recently by the California Legislature would establish Milk's May 22 birthday as an annual "day of significance" in the state, a move designed to encourage schools to discuss his career and legacy.

Bonnie Jones said her daughter was inspired to choose Milk as the subject of her research report after seeing the movie "Milk," which earned Academy Awards for actor Sean Penn and screenwriter Dustin Lance Black.

"First my daughter got called into the principal's office as if she were in some kind of trouble, and then they treated her presentation like it was something icky," Jones said in a statement.

"Harvey Milk was an elected official in this state and an important person in history," Jones added. "To say my daughter's presentation is sex education because Harvey Milk happened to be gay is completely wrong."
Appeal Court curbs police right to photograph protestors
21 May 2009
By PA Mediapoint

A legal challenge over the power of the police to photograph peaceful protesters succeeded at the Court of Appeal today.

It is a legal decision which could also curb the actions of Met Police Forward Intelligence Teams which regularly photograph journalists covering protests.

Two out of three judges agreed there had been a disproportionate interference in the human right to privacy when police surveillance teams photographed a campaigner and followed him.

The Metropolitan Police was ordered to destroy photographs taken of Andrew Wood, a member of the Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT), when he was protesting in London in April 2005.

The order was stayed for a month to allow the force, which must also pay the legal costs, a chance to apply to take the case to the House of Lords.

A spokesman for human rights group Liberty, which backed Wood's case, said the decision could have implications for future use of photography by the police - a tactic which it said was being used more frequently, particularly when policing protests.

Wood, media co-ordinator for CAAT, was photographed by a Met surveillance unit in April 2005 as he emerged from the Millennium Hotel in London, where he had attended the annual general meeting of Reed Elsevier PLC, parent company of Spearhead Exhibitions Ltd which runs trade fairs for the arms industry.

He gained access to the meeting by lawfully buying a share in the company - he has no criminal convictions and has never been arrested as a result of any campaigning activities.

Wood, who was represented by Liberty, complained that the police took and kept photographs of him and that these actions were unlawful and violated Article 8 - the right to respect for private and family life - under the European Convention on Human Rights.

Mr Justice McCombe dismissed his case in May last year, but today the Court of Appeal allowed his appeal.

Lord Justice Dyson said in his decision today that police were concerned the protest might become a problem and sent 24 officers, plus an intelligence gathering unit, to the event.

Police were ordered to photograph Mr Wood, from Oxford, after they said he was seen talking to known activists with a history of violent protest after the meeting. Mr Wood disputed he had talked to them.

But Lord Justice Dyson said that within a few days the police must have known Mr Wood was of good character and there could no longer be any justification for keeping the photographs.

Taking and keeping the pictures was in pursuit of a legitimate aim, namely the prevention of disorder or crime or protection of others.

Lord Justice Dyson said: "The retention by the police of photographs taken of persons who have not committed an offence, and who are not even suspected of having committed an offence, is always a serious matter."

"The only justification advanced by the police for retaining the photographs for more than a few days after the meeting was the possibility that the appellant might attend and commit an offence at the Defence Systems and Equipment International fair several months later.

"But in my judgment, even if due allowance is made for the margin of operational discretion, that justification does not bear scrutiny ..."

It was for the police to justify their interference with Mr Wood's rights under the European Convention on Human Rights and "they have failed to do so".

Lord Collins of Mapesbury, who also allowed the appeal, said: "There was a very substantial police presence. When I first read the papers on this appeal, I was struck by the chilling effect on the exercise of lawful rights such a deployment would have ..."

"It is plain that the last word has yet to be said on the implications for civil liberties of the taking and retention of images in the modern surveillance society.

"This is not the case for the exploration of the wider, and very serious, human rights issues which arise when the State obtains and retains the images of persons who have committed no offence and are not suspected of having committed any offence."

Lord Justice Laws, who dismissed the appeal, said he acknowledged that Mr Wood was of good character, that his link with the targeted protesters was disputed, and that the reason for keeping the photographs was to monitor his conduct at the trade fair scheduled for months later.

"But that was a legitimate aim, in service of which the images were kept," he said.

"For my part I find it impossible to categorise what was done as outwith the margin of operational discretion which, it must surely be acknowledged, the police possess in such circumstances."

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said the force welcomed the legal and public scrutiny, and had to held accountable.

He said the Met rigorously defended the case because the tactic of overt photography was "truly valuable" in public order policing and policing in general.

"Overt photography is a valuable intelligence-gathering tool allowing officers to build up a clear picture of who is involved in planning and organising any criminal behaviour or disorder at demonstrations," he said.

"It provides officers with evidence that can be used post event to arrest and convict for a range of offences."

Chief Superintendent Ian Thomas, who is responsible for the Met's public order branch, said: "The Metropolitan Police upholds people's right to lawful and peaceful demonstration, a right that we strive to fulfil.

"However, we also have to uphold the law. We know that some individuals and groups use the cover of protest to break the law and commit acts of disorder.

"Obviously that is unacceptable. It can endanger legitimate demonstrators and endanger and severely disrupt the public. We are duty bound to prevent that from happening.

"For our policing plan to be the most effective we need to have the fullest possible intelligence picture.

"Overt photography helps us build a picture of who is involved in planning and organising any potential disorder or crime. It may also provide us with evidence that would be beneficial to any legal proceedings.

"There is nothing secretive or covert about the way we do this, and this practice is very well known and understood in protester circles. The Metropolitan Police will continue to do everything necessary to maintain order on London's streets.

"The findings of this judgment provide a valuable set of guidelines for us to continue to work within and we are pleased that the Court of Appeal has found our use of overt photography to be lawful."
This item wasn’t at the top of the news, but it did make page one of the Times: Obama budget puts security first at the border - He'll ask Congress to help curb the flow of arms to Mexico before seeking any immigration reform.”

This is a complex topic, with some strange twists. But first, let me quote a forecast that I made, way back in December 08, in my “ Suggestions for the Obama Administration.This one really deserves a spot in any Predictions Registry.

If I seemed to lean a little "left" in some of my earlier missives criticizing a worldwide drift toward crony-aristocratism, and then to the right in supporting a repair of the U.S. military, and then left again by pushing the vital importance of citizen-level resilience... then prepare for another of my patented sudden veers! Because I believe the Obama Administration can, should... and will... act swiftly to regain control over the borders of the United States. In fact, I will lay heavy odds that he does it very soon.

Although many sneered with doubt, alas, nobody had the guts to meet my bet (and offer of odds!) with real cash. Too bad, because President Obama has given high priority -- and budgetary support -- to regaining control over the borders of the United States, exactly when and as I expected. Let’s go back to my prediction:

This may sound surprising, but it shouldn't, if you had been paying attention to one of the great ironies of the last 16 years -- one that lay in plain sight, largely unnoticed. As one of his first acts upon entering office, Bill Clinton doubled the number of field agents in the Border Patrol. And one of George W. Bush’s first endeavors was to savagely undercut that service.

“It sounds counter-intuitive, of course, and neither political party ever spoke up about it much. But the reasons are simple. Democrats like legal immigration, which results in lots of new voters and new union workers, while illegals drain resources, get embroiled (against their will) into crime, and prevent domestic programs from achieving full effectiveness. On the other hand, Republicans -- well, not your neighbors, but some influential people near the top of the party -- like access to pools of cheap, undocumented labor that won’t talk back. Only when border state citizens began getting riled did the GOP start talking tough about immigration. And talk, for the most part, is all they ever did.

The correlation is now perfect. Democrats boost border patrol and enforcement, but hate talking about it, because much of their base is made up of people for whom generosity is a zealous canon. Hence, Obama needed an excuse, something to distract from his real reasons for regaining control at the border (reversing emphasis from illegal to legal immigration.) He found his excuse with the ongoing drug gang violence in Mexico. Blaming much of that chaos on U.S.-originating weaponry, he can claim that the new agents will be there foremost to stanch the southward flow of guns.

Now, the right wing punditocracy and blogosphere has been derisive -- and this time with some cause! The purported “statistics,” proving that most Mexican gang-guns came from the U.S. , are very weak and show signs of being cludged. Anyway, if the cash-rich mobs want guns, there are countless places to get them. So it’s a rationalization, all right.

But while Dobbs and Limbaugh & co. eagerly pounced on this discrepancy with ridicule, they have to be very careful about is not letting their audiences dwell too long or think too deeply about any one matter. They must keep up the rapid armwaving, pointing rapidly thither and yon, in order to distract Red America from connecting the dots. For if rural or conservative whites ever realize which party is always pragmatically better at defending our borders... or maintaining military readiness, or strengthening alliances, or creating a good climate for small businesses, or nurturing a strong economy... then it will be all over for the neoconservative-GOP shell game.

Limbaugh et. al. have to keep it all about simplistic strawmen and ideological stereotypes (e.g. after the most corrupt and wastrel administration of all time pummeled US capitalism nearly flat, scream that the new one is “socialist!”) Because, if the natural anti-authoritarianism of the people living in heartland “red” counties can ever turn away from reflex hatred of bureaucrats, long enough to rediscover Americans’ traditional distrust of fatcat aristocratic thieves, then... well... Rush Limbaugh will have to get a real job.

Even more important, genuine classic conservatives and libertarians will have a chance - at long last - to rescue their movement from the freakshow denizens who have hijacked it.

How Warm Are You?

You Are Cold
You are as cold as they come, and frankly, you don't care at all.
As far as you're concerned, other people are a bother. What they think of you doesn't matter.

You are so detached from the world, you feel like you're seeing everything from the outside.
While it's good to have so much perspective, you may be missing out on the broader range of human emotions.


Prank-calling "car warranty" telemarketing

The Internet has smiled upon us again today with its collective brain power. Someone posted the following (some comments are a little NSFWish) at: http://www.reddit.com/r/reddit.com/comments/8i1u7/want_the_phone_number_to_the_your_cars_warranty/

(Maybe you can play this for them when you call them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vWm47yPLGc )

"So, Its nice to see that these companies are driving other people insane. Sernerio: You get a call stating that your car warranty is about to expire. You remove your number from their list. They call you back in less than a week and just keep calling. You try to *69 or hit callback on the caller ID and it ALWAYS says the number is disconnected yet they JUST called you from that number. Well ladies and gents Here are their REAL numbers (949) 475-9500 (800) 499-5711 I got these by bullshitting the rep that called me for 20 min. Please call them 20, 30, hell 50 times a day. Its what I did and finally the guy said "Look, we will take your number off our list just please stop calling here!" When you call...offer then a new home warranty."


"Found a way to get into their voicemails:

CALL 800-499-5711 and dial ext. 477 for an example.

extensions are from 301-490 or so, I think

NOTE FIRST: Save the messages, press 72 after every message you listen to. If you don't, they'll auto-delete.

DIRECTIONS: Okay, call 800-499-5711, press #, then the mailbox you want, and it's that fucking easy.

No fucking joke. Let's dig up as much as we can.

Edit: Press 84 for the time of the message and the callback number
SentientKhan may have found an address (below):
310 Commerce, Suite 150 (or 115) Irvine California 92602

Address Confirmed @ http://www.manta.com/coms2/dnbcompany_cc2jwhp"



Date Filed:

Status: active
IRVINE, CA 92602
Agent for Service of Process
IRVINE, CA 92612

Man. The Feds obviously need these kids on their payroll.

Yesterday's Random Thoughts

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I'm-bored-and-without-a-life meme

A house. I'm sick of the middle-aged landlady and her elderly mother waking me up hours before dawn with their incessant pacing. They don't work! Where do they go at 630AM?? Argh old people!

Partying with really smart people.

Hrm. Not sure. I guess I'd be pretty upset if I lost some of my jewelry or something happened to some of my older stuffed animals, all because I've had them a long time.


Not in the usual way. I have had a claustrophobic attack once when I was in an MRI machine, but I was taking part in a study and it wasn't the first time I was in one nor were the scans short ones.

No. I wish I could get my bedroom dark but between the beacon from hell from the apt house next door and the piercing unblocked sun at dawn, I'd welcome the blessed dark if I could achieve it.

I like a lot of perfumes, but my nose tends to like expensive anything it seems. Not that I know the prices of any, but it seems whenever I pick out a scent I like it's always the most expensive. :) Personally I buy a lot of perfumes from Avon and never use them up. Oops. Right now I have a whole assortment: Haiku, Instinct, Rare Pearls, Far Away, Dreamlife, Imari, an ancient bottle of Eternity, Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Eau de toilette, and Body Shop perfume oils White Musk and Japanese Musk. (I told you I have too many!)

Neither. I believe in the power of sleep, 7-8 hours preferably, but not always achieved. Besides, coffee is repulsive and energy drinks look scary and probably aren't anywhere near to good for you.


Whoever's idea it was that believed they would be short-handed this morning at the necropsy and made me drive all over Creation for no good reason.

Yes, Spanish mostly fluently and smatterings of Chinese and Japanese.

You mean besides coming right out and saying just that??

0. Because I wanted to be contrary.

Er. Who's looking at their hair?? heh

The husband's. Because he's pretty much the only person I call.

Technically, yes. Two. I've never left the continent, though.

In a hospital, duh!

Technically, as a summer temp at the U where I work now. A regular teen's job would've been as a cashier at a Woolworth's the summer after I graduated from h.s. I was in the towels and bedsheets department. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Sheesh. I don't know. I don't think I usually get complimented by anyone. Other than by the husband, but that's kind of his job. ;)

Not care? I don't really drink anymore, sadly. Although I don't need help in the calories department, so it's for the best.

A house.

Ask me when this is a worthwhile question.

Technically, my maternal great-grandmother. However, my name is a dimunitive of her name.

No. I don't remember if I ever really did.

It depends on my mood. Am I feeling confident or road-ragey? heh

Yes. People don't handwrite anymore so people my age are probably among the last people who have legible handwriting that isn't print writing.

oven-roasted turkey

Only ones that hurt me: always rushing because I'm perpetually almost or a little late (procrastination), anti-social behavior, general laziness. But the good news is at some point after h.s. I learned to stop biting my nails 95% of the time. heh

Just about anything I own from the 90s. Although I still like it, but others would probably think I should be embarassed.

If I were just like me, maybe. Then again, what do two anti-social people do as friends?? hee

Someone hasn't been reading two of my previous answers... *finger wagging*

No. I have trust issues.

My Cabbage Patch Kid doll, I think.



A Jason's Deli Meatballa Po' Boy.

Only one older brother.

I guess although to hear people talk I've apparently never had REAL sushi. *eye roll*

Thankfully that phase of my life is over. But once upon a time, yes. It's why I met my husband online. No need to do the Meat Market dance.


Yesterday's Random Thoughts

  • 09:26 @samlerma I'd ask the local truck dealers to stop making commercials since I'm sick to death of them, but that's your bread and butter. #

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Yesterday's Random Thoughts

  • 13:48 @samlerma I don't tip to-go. They don't have to keep checking on you and drinks etc. #
  • 13:53 @JohnHonore Agreed. #
  • 13:53 @eddieizzard Your picture just started loading just fine about a minute ago. #
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Yesterday's Random Thoughts

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Yesterday's Random Thoughts

  • 13:11 @Neverwear Ooo ooo ooo! Did I win a "major award"?? #
  • 22:33 @Neverwear I've emailed you my info. I hope you got it! #
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Yesterday's Random Thoughts

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Yesterday's Random Thoughts

  • 13:02 @samlerma I'm guessing fail came from computer speak. When something didn't work, it would sometimes spit out the word "fail." #
  • 13:03 @hellomj ouch. So cynical. #
  • 13:05 @samlerma Planet Fitness: probably few classes, old equipment, smelly...everything. #
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Yesterday's Random Thoughts

  • 15:07 I'm having trouble trying to find the desire to do any assigned reading. :-p #
  • 16:08 @samlerma I've missed the news. Anyone covering Earth Hour? #
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Yesterday's Random Thoughts

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Yesterday's Random Thoughts

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Yesterday's Random Thoughts

  • 22:59 is exhausted from a 15-hour day. #

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Yesterday's Random Thoughts

  • 23:21 @samlerma I saw a link earlier today saying "Would you like to see stories about the Octomom?" I practically screamed at the screen: nooo!!! #

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If you knew that a friend's significant other was cheating on him or her, would you tell your friend the truth or keep it to yourself?

If you knew someone was poisoning a well, would you tell the town/police/citizens? Why would this be different? Someone or something is doing something toxic and one of the parties is ignorant to it and sooner or later they're going to find out about the damage done to them. The sooner, the better I think.

Yesterday's Random Thoughts

  • 02:25 Ha. I found a convenient way to having Twitter around. #
  • 15:29 @samlerma aw! you're a Valley boy? hee #
  • 16:06 I wish "petite" pants were actually short enough for my legs. They're usually still 1-2in. too long. :-p #
  • 17:22 @hellomj I had chicken shawarma for the first time last night. #
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Yesterday's Random Thoughts

  • 09:16 @samlerma Heart from what? Beef? BTW, the tacos are ok. Plus you'll regain the 1.8lbs! #

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Yesterday's Random Thoughts

  • 11:11 I've installed a simple widget at home to tinker with Twitter at work. But the site is kind of retarded... #
  • 00:18 @samlerma Time to hit the PikNik. Tacos for, what, 69¢? #
  • 00:23 @samlerma And, dude, your Canadian co-worker knows how to make fideo! #
  • 00:35 I finally got bored enough to change my LJ appearance from a fall to spring look. #
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Yesterday's Random Thoughts

  • 22:33 @samlerma It would be more realistic if you could spend $35 for the whole week at once. Then you could buy a big bags of chicken, beans,etc. #

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Lyrically Me meme

Put your MP3 player on random and press play. List the first ten songs that come up. No fair skipping songs to try to make yourself look cool - if you have nothing but Celine Dion on your MP3 player, than your meme should be nothin’ but Celine (though, seriously - there’s a lot of awesome music out there - so BRANCH OUT!). Then, share your favorite line from the song, and if you have a memory related to the song, share it too.

1. "Take on Me" - Aha

My thing with music isn't always lyrics, so much as sound (tempo, hook, etc). Most of the music I like is pop because I like my music, usually, to be happy. I have (had) enough problems in my life to want escapism rather than wallowing in my music. So that's what I like about this song, the frantic sound to it done up in the old-timey video of the guy running away from the crazy motorcyle-driving dudes chasing him.

2. "Just a Girl" - No Doubt

This world is forcing me
To hold your hand
'Cause I'm just a girl, little 'ol me
Don't let me out of your sight
I'm just a girl, all pretty and petite
So don't let me have any rights

Oh...I've had it up to here!
The moment that I step outside
So many reasons
For me to run and hide
I can't do the little things I hold so dear
'Cause it's all those little things
That I fear

'Cause I'm just a girl I'd rather not be
'Cause they won't let me drive
Late at night I'm just a girl,
Guess I'm some kind of freak

Needless to say, this song came out around 1995 when I was having issues with separating myself from my family, mainly my very old-fashioned mother. I've always had issues with self-imposed and externally-imposed gender roles. Unrelated to that, as far as the time it came out, it also reminds me of my time at Notre Dame. :)

3. "Gold Digger (Explicit)" - Kanye West

I like the beat, but it also got me annoyed when Kanye decided to self-edit because somehow he managed to write a song with the word "nigger" in it and then went "oops!"

Now I ain't sayin' she a gold digger (When I'm in Need)
But she ain't messin' wit no broke niggaz

This also reminds me of someone I once knew and, ahem, used this song as the ringtone on my cell for when they called. heh

4. "Insane In the Brain" - Cypress Hill

Who you tryin' to get crazy with ese?
Don't you know I'm loco?

lol Throwback to my background. I've never smoked up, but I got my share of contact highs. :D

5. "You Learn" - Alanis Morissette

You live you learn, you love you learn
You cry you learn, you lose you learn
You bleed you learn, you scream you learn

I like this approach to living. Learn from everything and everyone, otherwise, what's the point?

6. "Jump" - Van Halen

I get up and nothin' gets me down

Diamond Dave! Magic fingers on guitar! The synth! Wait, what?? :D Anyway, the song gets me wanting to jump. heh

7. "Ayer" - Gloria Estefan

Regresa por favor pues la vida es muy corta,
Salgamos de la duda y del rencor,
Muy bien dice el cantor, lo pasado no importa
De todo nuestro orgullo es lo peor.

Hay demasiado rencor y orgullo en my pasado. Pero sobre todo es una cancion bella como varias canciones de este album.

8. "True Blue" - Madonna

You're the one I'm dreaming of
Your heart fits me like a glove
And I'm gonna be true blue baby I love you

Ah Madonna. She was at the first blush of her popularity when I was entering puberty. How couldn't this lyric not appeal to the overly hormonal brain of a pubescent girl? :D

9. "She Bop" - Cyndi Lauper

I see them every night in tight blue jeans
In the pages of a blue boy magazine...
Do I wanna go out with a lion's roar
Huh, yea, I wanna go south n get me some more...
They say I better stop - or I'll go blind...
Hey, hey - they say I better get a chaperone
Because I can't stop messin' with the danger zone
No, I won't worry, and I won't fret -
Ain't no law against it yet.

I love double entendres. :D HOWEVER, back when this first came out I had no idea what it was really about. As many other people, I just thought it was about bopping along to the music. It wasn't until later that I found out that it was on some parents' list called the "Filthy Fiften" because of its references indirectly to masturbation. Which only made it better, because who's against masturbation anyway?? :D

10. "All Apologies" - Nirvana

Lyrics? Who listened to Nirvana for the lyrics?? :D I liked their stuff for their music, although the line I wish I was like you, Easily amused resonates often. heh But, yeah. I liked the sound of their music and don't think he was the Second Coming like a lot of people of my generation. When he died I just thought he was another junkie that blew himself away. He wasn't the first and certainly hasn't been the last. /soapbox


Way Back When meme

Way Back When...

***15 YEARS AGO (1994)****
1) How old were you? 17/18
2) Who were you dating? Starting in April, my step-brother's best friend.
3) Where did you work? No where. I wasn't allowed.
4) Where did you live? San Antonio, TX with my mother.
5) Where did you hang out? Nowhere really. Not allowed.
6) Did you wear contacts and/or glasses? Nope.
7) Who were your best friends? Alda and Roy.
8) How many tattoos did you have? None.
9) How many piercings did you have? Four, all earrings.
10) What kind of car did you drive? None. Not allowed.
11) Had you been to a real party? Yes, but not officially.
12) Had you had your heart broken? Hmm. I guess I'd say no or at least not that I remember.
13) Were you Single/taken/Married/Divorced? Single.
14) Any Kids? No.

**** 10 years ago (1999)
1) How old were you? 22/23
2) Who were you dating? My now husband.
3) Where did you work? Notre Dame.
4) Where did you live? In an apt in South Bend, IN.
5) Where did you hang out? I was a couple of years past my real partying, so nowhere. All I did was work and go to school and spend it online. Like now!
7) Who were your best friends? Kashawna.
8) How many tattoos did you have? None.
9) How many piercings did you have? Still the same four.
10 Had your heart broken? Yes, the usual unrequited love.
11) Were you Single/Taken/Married/Divorced? Taken.
12) Any Kids? No.
13) What kind of car did you have? I still hadn't gotten a car. Too broke.

****TODAY (2009)****
1) Age? 32/33 in April.
2) Where do you work? At my desk.
3) Where do you live? An apt in San Antonio, TX.
4) Who are your closest friends? Shane.
5) Do you talk to your old friends? Occasionally, although only online.
6) How many piercings do you have? Still the same four.
7) How many tattoos? None.
8) What kind of car do you have? A 7 year old Honda Civic.
9) Had your heart been broken? Not recently.
10) How many kids? None! :)
11) Are you Single/Taken/Married/Divorce? Married 5 plus years totalling 12 years with Shane.


Which wife of Henry VIII would I've been?

Apropos considering how much "historical fiction" I'm reading and watching lately of the Tudors, my results here.Collapse )


Which 200 have you done?

Bold the ones done:

01. Bought everyone in the pub a drink

02. Swam with wild dolphins

03. Climbed a mountain (Part of it anyway.)

04. Taken a Ferrari for a test drive

05. Been inside the Great Pyramid

06. Held a tarantula.

07. Taken a candlelit bath with someone

08. Said 'I love you' and meant it

09. Hugged a tree

10. Done a striptease

11 through 200 (!!!) hereCollapse )

Wow. That took 35 minutes to do...


Writer's Block: Humans and Cylons

The final episodes of Battlestar Galactica begin today. The sci-fi drama often explores the relationship between humans and machines. At what point do we consider a machine with artificial intelligence to be an individual with its own feelings and rights?

Oo nice of LJ to make a Writer's Block of the Day about Battlestar Galactica. To start to answer the question, it's one of the things I mentioned in passing in my earlier entry about the show. It's a question which first requires that you answer what it means to be human/sentient. I've always thought that happens when AI transcends its programming and does so independently. Not only does it do something for which it was not originally programmed to do, but it do so without coersion and doesn't necessarily do what someone else wants them to do. Perhaps even to do nothing can be such an indicator.

Looking forward to Battlestar Galactica

If you don't watch Battlestar Galactica, bail now. Stop reading!

If for some reason you are not caught up on Battlestar Galactica and are avoiding spoilers, bail now. Stop reading! Last call.

I was looking up when I went through my rash of entries about Battlestar Galactica and I see that I started to watch the series in the beginning of August. That means it took me about 5 months to watch 3.5 seasons of Battlestar Galactica. Not bad, I suppose!

I was all jazzed to write an entry about this, but my thoughts are disorganized so I think I'm going to do bulletpoints with random thoughts, whatever comes to mind:

  • I still can't stand Gaius Baltar. I think his character is a waste of screen time. I did a lot of forwarding through the parts with his harem and vacillating between sounding like an athiest and trying to sound like Jesus. I'm glad they didn't seem to follow up much on the attempt to get Six seeing a Gaius in her imagination. I saw that and about puked.

  • Thank goodness they scaled back the Six sex kitten crap. I was getting really tired of it. Intoduction of the Gina version really improved her character, making her less one-dimensional. Everywhere the actress kind of said the same thing. Superficially, her hair in most of the Six versions still bug me. :D

  • I did not like what they did with Starbuck starting with season 3. Suddenly she's Mercury and a True Believer? Ick. Also, I can't believe people thought she would actually get killed off.

  • Did the actor who plays Helo go to acting classes? I like him better now. He stopped taking cues from the William Shatner School of Overacting. He always had a good message of listening to the Cylons that want to be on the Humans' side, but all the arm-waving was irritating. Lee Adama keeps getting held up as the Honest Man of Principle, but Helo has certainly been that all along by completely going against the grain, often at very inopportune times. I'm surprised he actually followed orders and brought the Three, D'Anna, to the President when she was Unboxed even though it was "double dealing" against the Cylons.

  • The idea of the hidden Cylons certainly aided in developing existential, metaphysical arguments. It irritates me, though, that so many people go on about how it's the first time it's ever been brought up. Sorry, but this series is like an extended version of "The Measure of a Man," to give a Star Trek example. I bring up Star Trek often in relation to the writing of Battlestar Galactica only because Moore, who developed the new version and did a lot of the writing, did a lot of work on Star Trek starting with TNG's season 3 and on through all the other spin-offs. Anyway, this concept is not new to scifi or fiction in other genres. I know, I've said that before, but it continues to bug me...

  • Existential question: in the phrase coined, I believe, by Scott Adams, are Humans only "moist robots"? How much of what we do is programming and how much is free will? Free will vs determinism. Genetics vs Environment. Human vs Skinjob. What makes a being "human" or sentient? What is the measure of a man, in other words?

  • Theories on unnamed Cylons: If you're as geeky as I am, you've come across the so-called "Last Supper" image put out by the Battlestar Galactica people. Allegedly, an interview out there says that that image hints at who is the unknown 5th Cylon. I don't know. I just found that pic tonight, so I haven't had time to ponder it. On my own, here's my thoughts on who it could be: Adama, Apollo, Roslin, Starbuck, Gaeta, or Helo. If we're going to go with more balance, the unknown Cylon would have to be a woman. There are already 7 known male Cylons.

  • Speaking of Roslin: Is she going to die or what? The actress who plays her has said she'd not be around in, I believe, any movies. Maybe she was just being coy in that she'd no longer be president or that she'd not turn out to be human. For a few episodes I thought maybe they were going to pull a "Newhart" and have it turn out that Roslin is really in some sort of coma and the whole thing has been dreamed up by her. Then, the Hybrid would represent her disjointed thoughts connecting the Battlestar Galactica dream world with the real one. Merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream! That would be interesting, I think, but probably would never happen because that would probably be too existential and piss off a lot of people who've lived and breathed Battlestar Galactica for 4 years...

  • Going back to that picture: One problem with "The Last Supper" pic is that it only has 3 of the 4 Cylons revealed so far of the "Final Five" (no Chief of Staff Tory). More importantly, the picture is short one person. There are only 12 people in that pic. In the original painting, there are 13: Jesus and 12 apostles. (Don't get me started on whether or not Mary Magdalen was an apostle. That's a "Da Vinco Code" argument! lol) So for sure there's still one Cylon left unnamed to total 12 Cylons. However, again, there are 13 people in the original "The Last Supper" and also there were originally 13 colonies. Is there a 6th hidden Cylon in the fleet? Or perhaps they will encounter a final Cylon who has been a repository of humanity in a post-Apocalyptic Earth who's awaited the return of humans?

OK, I think I'm out of thoughts for now. Anyone care to jump in here and comment?

For reference, known Cylons and The Last Supper picsCollapse )

Meme: Finish the sentence

01. My uncle once: hung up my graduation picture. He'd never had pictures on his walls.

02. Never in my life: have I left North America.

03. When I was five: I think is when I decided to try tasting a flower from the field past the playground. Yum! I also used to eat paper and red Crayolas!

04. High school was: boring except for when I left at midday and instead of going to the nerd program I went to the movies, joyriding, or fill-in-the-blank.

05. I will never forget: riding a train for the first time. So much space! Nothing like flying!

06. Once I met: Jennifer Philbin, Otakuye Conroy, and Jason Zimbler. The joys of going to ND.

07. There’s this girl I know: who is double-jointed and so is her boyfriend/fiance. They will have beautifully twisted children together. O.o

08. Once, at a bar: I got hit on by this little Asian girl who was very drunk and didn't understand I wasn't into women. Granted, I was at my favorite gay bar where I went to avoid the "meat market." D'oh.

09. By noon, I’m usually: either already eating lunch or about to.

10. Last night: I was very miserable thanks to 1) a cold, 2) allergies, and 3) the thought of going back to work for one more week.

11. If only I had: mind powers.

12. Next time I go to church: it's because either my mother or brother are having their funeral in one and I somehow found out about it.

13. What worries me most: is the economy.

14. When I turn my head left I see: a window.

15. When I turn my head right I see: the husband's closet.

16. You know I’m lying when: I talk rapidly, give little details, and change the subject.

17. What I miss most about the Eighties is: being a child.

18. If I were a character in Shakespeare I’d be: Katherina Minola.

19. (M.I.A.)

20. If I ever go back to school: ... wait. Been there, done that.


Happy new year!

Time flies when you're having fun. Good riddance 2008.

I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and found out I'm a
Tree Hugging Money Managing Extrovert


Writer's Block: Prohibited

Today marks the passing of the 21st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which repealed Prohibition. It might seem crazy to us now, but alcohol was illegal in the U.S. for 13 years. What common vice do you think is most likely to be outlawed in the future?

That's a tough one. At first I thought the question was going to be what vice do you think will be made legal that's now illegal. If it had been that question my answer would've been marijuana. However, something to be made completely illegal might be cigarettes. As it is smoking is being constrained more and more as far as where and when a person can smoke. Not that it would bother me. I don't smoke, never have smoked, and actually most cigarette smoke gives me headaches to some degree. So maybe smoking?

Writer's Block: Gone but Not Forgotten

Many beloved television shows are no longer with us, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Six Feet Under, and Mystery Science Theater 3000. What defunct television show do you miss the most?
It's a toss up between "Veronica Mars" and "Gilmore Girls." Both had female leads who weren't all about shopping and throwing themselves at men. There was smart dialogue in them.

Texas Autumn 2009 Calendar

I finally whittled down which pictures I liked and made a calendar. I'm really happy with the pictures.

Check out the calendar and let me know what you think:
Texas Autumn 2009 Calendar

Which pictures do you like?

I want to make a calendar with an autumn theme, but I'm having trouble narrowing down which pics to use. I need 12 to 14, but have the ones I like narrowed down to 22. Which ones do you think I should weed out?

Clicky for the piccies

Your comments are appreciated!

Colors of my rainbow meme

Your rainbow is shaded indigo and brown.


What is says about you: You are a proud person. You appreciate the roughness of nature. People are loyal to you and see you as a natural leader. You feel closer to people when you understand their imperfections.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.


Yesterday's Random Thoughts

  • 17:03 I wonder why they always say how much money a movie made and NOT how many tickets it sold. That is much more accurate! #

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More on Battlestar Galactica

I ended up seeing "Razor" mostly because I miscounted the days and didn't stop it before Netflix shipped it out. Oh well. At least I had something to watch because I think we were throttled yesterday and they didn't send out my first disc for the series "Rome."

It wasn't so bad. I thought it was going to be more about Cain than it turned out to be, thankfully. The character of Kendra Shaw was interesting. The old guy hybrid made me wonder if he was the one ALL the Cylons think is "God" or if he was just referring to the local Old School Cylons under his command.

Which reminds me, it made me smile that for just this once they brought back the Old School Cylons. Hearing the whirring and one of them say "by your command" was cool. :)

Not cool is the "misdirection" I think the writers threw into the series. The whole "Kara Thrace is the harbinger of the coming Apocalypse and the end of humanity" is, in my opinion, so transparent (again) causing most people to come to the conclusion that humans are toast. I could be completely wrong, but I think that she will indeed be the messenger of the end of humans. I think, however, that they'll go for the cliché. I'm thinking Arthur C. Clarke's "Childhood's End" or Greg Bear's "Darwin's Radio" and "Darwin's Children."

Who is the final Cylon? I have some suspects, but I can't decide on one. I had thought Starbuck might be one when she "died" and that might still happen, but I think she's more a messenger than a ringleader. President Roslin? Possible. She is having those fun dreams in conjunction with Boomer, Hera, and Six. That's kind of obvious, though, and Moore and friends don't like that. That can just be written off as a mutual dream when the two species merge. Same with the Kara visions. The one that I have suspected, but could possibly piss off a lot of people is Admiral Adama. He has been shepharding them all back toward Earth and if the cliché happens, he would come off as the calm, fatherly hand that sends/guides them all off into the new dimension/new existence/whatever.

Characters I'm glad I'm seeing less of or are dead: Helo, Saul Tigh, Ellen Tigh, Cain, Kat (although she went out less gratingly than all the other times she was on camera), and Alex/Crashdown only because (and this is way shallow) I really don't like cleft chins. Unfortunately, now that actor is playing Doomsday on "Smallville." argh.

When I was looking up a list of actors so I could remember whom I was suspecting of being a Cylon, I read this in one of the Wikipedia entries about Battlestar Galactica:

The new Battlestar Galactica departs from the original in several ways. In terms of style and storytelling, it rejects the traditional televised science fiction styles of Star Trek (after which the original Battlestar Galactica series was conceived) in favor of what executive producer Ronald D. Moore calls "naturalistic science fiction."

Er. What? Which "Star Trek" was whoever wrote this opinion watching? Stop me when this show doesn't copy the following: optimism in human civilization and humanism, weighing of ultimate human/humane right vs. wrong, adventurism and survival, what is the definition of being human or sentient, social commentary masked as science fiction... And working off the quote that Roddenberry described ST as "wagon train to the stars", a wagon train (the Battlestar Galactica) through hostile lands (darn Indians Cylons in space!) to settle in a new promised land (California Earth)... Those are the main ones I can think of off the top of my head. Sorry, Moore, (or whoever wrote that) but you're still retreading where "Star Trek" and other forms of fiction in other genres have already gone before (to paraphrase and twist the "Star Trek" intro).

And now to sit on my hands and wait for January 6th...

Battlestar Galactica

So I finally got through to the end of Battlestar Galactica's season 3, which is all that's out on DVD. I was thinking that season 4 started at the end of August of this year, but I was reading it wrong on Wikipedia, apparently. So the first half of season 4 comes out January 6th on DVD and the second part of season 4 starts airing on January 16th (according to Wikipedia anyway). I think I'm going to have to beat people off with a stick on Netflix if I'm going to want to see it before it starts live!

Since these are the freshest gripes on my mind: "killing" Starbuck? So transparent. It would be like "killing" Bill Adama... Oh wait, they tried that too. And the use of a Bob Dylan song? Really? I was thinking MAYBE they were going to go the "Contact" route and link to Earth that way, especially since a radio was involved at one point, but no. It's just some song heard in people's heads. Sorry. Writers lost a little bit of credibility there. If only they'd said that everyone could hear it because radio waves have been going out into space for decades. But noooo.

Does this guy, Moore, have some thing for this song? Anybody know? His podcast mentioned his use of it on some other show... er I forget which one, but anyway one he did before. Is this like Hitchcock being in all of his films, or Stan Lee being in all of the Spiderman movies, or (speaking of Spiderman) Sam Raimi putting his old 1973 Oldsmobile Delta into every one of his movies? Anyone?

Hit me with some knowledge. Or just geek out with me. I need someone to chatter with about this. Just don't spoil season 4 for me!

No one's forcing abortions

Some people who oppose abortions annoy me. Every once in a while someone spouts off that abortions are against freedom of religion. What? Come again? Are women being held down and forced to have abortions and I somehow didn't hear about it?? No, I don't think so. If Catholics or any other religious person is having an abortion, then maybe that religion needs to evaluate why that believer is doing it despite the religion's prohibition. If they really have a problem with it, if they're Catholic, why not excommunicate them and be done with it? Someone somewhere has never learned about the gift of free will and judging not. Until abortions are being forced on people, these people need to be quiet and keep their theology out of my biology.

This rant brought to you by stupid comments from the Roman Catholic Church:

Catholic bishops will fight Obama on abortion

BALTIMORE – The nation's Roman Catholic bishops vowed Tuesday to forcefully confront the Obama administration over its support for abortion rights, saying the church and religious freedom could be under attack in the new presidential administration.

John Williams

Every once in a while there's something someone points out on YouTube that doesn't make me cringe wondering what the hell people do all day on their own. angelamermaid shared this creative video which is a tribute to the awesome John Williams.

Star Wars, however, will never hold a candle to my childhood companion, Star Trek. A tribute to Star Trek with the majesty of James Horner:


I haven't had much time to write anything or at least haven't taken the time to collect my thoughts. I guess in summation, I'm an Obama supporter and was beyond emotional that he won, but unlike a lot of others I don't think he can walk on water or, as Craig Ferguson put it last night, can make puppies out of moonbeams and angel farts. :D

As I've said elsewhere, all the lefties who think he's the Messiah are going to be very disappointed. He's definitely better than McCain and bounds better than Palin, but he's a moderate/progressive/centrist in my opinion. Which is fine by me because in general that's about where I end up.

With that intro I will start to opine on his appointment choices. On one hand, as others have already pointed out, he's appointing old Clinton people. Change, eh? On the other hand, what are the alternatives in people who know how the government runs? Bah. That aside, the skimming I've done on Podesta and Emmanuel I've not seen dirt that bothers me - yet.

Then there's "Larry" Summers. They're thinking of making this guy Treasury secretary?? Ahem. This is the Harvard president who got the boot after making remarks like women not being in leadership nor excelling in maths and sciences because they (we) might just not have the innate abilities of men. Also, he's been working for D.E. Shaw & Co. which the internets tell me is/was a hedge fund firm. Hrm. Yeah. Because those guys are the greatest.

Colin Powell for Education??? Really?? How about someone once in the profession of, you know, education. I am happy that Gov. Richardson is on the rumored short list for Secretary of State. I've been saying for months that I think he should get that position. I will be surprised if he gets it, though, considering his competitors are Lugar and Hagel, former chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and a retiring senator critical of the Iraq war respectively. Those two are Republicans, but would go with the whole "bipartisan" idea. :-p

I think those are the main ones I've got right now. So. Meh. It's like, ok, make your picks and then I want to see where you go from there. I'll be watching.

Speaking of which, who's watching President Quack? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Get paid to vote

Find out your state's laws on whether your employer is obligated to let you go vote AND pay you:

Voting laws

Scroll down to the long list of states.