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Iran, China, Economy, Health Care, et al!

Yeah, the U.S. doesn't actually want a moderate in Iran because then how can there be justification for interfering in another country if there isn't some scary guy running the show?

Why the White House Views Iran's Election as a Diplomatic Coup


On its way to Banana Republic-hood:
China's US bond holdings drop first time in 11 months in April

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Mainland China's holdings of US Treasury bonds fell for the first time in 11 months to 763.5 billion dollars in April, US government data showed Monday.

The April figure, a drop from March's 767.9 billion dollars, was the lowest since the holdings started building up in June 2008, the US Treasury said in its monthly international capital data report.

The figures do not include the holdings of Hong Kong, China's special administration region, which climbed to 80.9 billion dollars in April from 78.9 billion dollars the previous month.

But the latest statistics showed China sitting comfortably as the top holder of Treasury bonds despite years of trying to diversify its reserves away from the US dollar.

Japan is the second-largest holder of US bonds, at 685.9 billion dollars in April.


Yes, but what about the real people in charge?
Yoo, Bush Administration Lawyer, Must Face Torture Lawsuit


Speaking of crazy Bush supporters:
American arrives in Germany with mini arsenal
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