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synful musings

Random thoughts from a random mind

I first started this LJ because I wanted to have somewhere to post reviews of books I'd read which were not mine and I couldn't register with BookCrossing.com. I've mentioned this in my LJ and I'll mention it here. I'm fairly careful about the amount of personal information I give about myself to anyone in person or online. That's just the way I am. Call me paranoid. Anyway, I started it as a review journal, but nowadays I manage to post personal stuff here and there. Don't be offended if I only use my online alias. I always do that. :)

Which reminds me, in case you were wondering why I sign everything synergy, but my LJ name is synergybc? I tried to sign up as synergy, but someone else (who doesn't use their LJ I think!) had beat me to it. :( The history of the alias is that I first started using the word when I first came across it in the book "Mists of Avalon" around 2000. I thought it was an interesting concept and I had it on the brain when I first signed up for an online (and now defunct) RPG/message-boards game. My persona in that game was a pacificist and I was more about bringing together people rather than warring like just about everyone else was doing.

It wasn't until I'd chosen the name and had been using it that someone clued me in that it's often used by corporations as a "buzz word" (?). I'm a scientist so I try to stay as far away from cubicle convicts as much as possible, so I never knew. Eh bien. That wasn't my intent and I've been using it far too long now to really want to change it.

Check out my journal and drop me a comment. I get lonely. ;)


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